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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Support for Resilient Livelihoods in the South of Madagascar AF - P177606 (Inglés)


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    De Berry,Joanna Peace

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa East,

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Support for Resilient Livelihoods in the South of Madagascar AF - P177606

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; adverse effects of climate change; community health and safety; traffic and road safety; health and safety risk; adaptive capacity of ecosystems; use of service; access to basic service; Below the Poverty Line; Environmental and Social Reviews; pest management plan; sustainable management; Integrated Pest Management; international code of conduct; risk of exclusion; waste management plan; use of pesticide; knowledge and learning; million people; protection of child; public sector performance; delivery of service; climate change planning; emergency response procedure; procurement and disbursement; application of agrochemical; water supply opportunity; social and environmental; access to water; civil society representatives; resilience of communities; agricultural water management; medium irrigation scheme; social protection mechanism; availability of water; effect of drought; technical skills training; Social Risk Rating; vulnerability to poverty; finance rehabilitation; forest carbon stock; risk management tool; transfer of fund; social protection scheme; water supply component; intangible cultural heritage; disposal of waste; application of insecticide; health of humans; movement of vehicle; food security crisis; use of force; selection criterion; contract worker; fiscal transfer; water resource; extreme poverty; work force; security service; implementing partner; participatory planning; water source; environmental risk; local development; natural disaster; adverse risks; grievance management; labor condition; municipal offices; agricultural land; desert locust; livelihood opportunity; social empowerment; unintended consequence; Cash Transfer; social tension; risk classification; local conflict; water point; pesticide application; community workers; organizational capacity; land use; rural community; improved livelihood; strategic guidance; ministerial committee; cultural features; stakeholder engagement; food production; affected households; deforestation rate; solar panel; necessary support; rural area; precautionary measure; young population; seed system; rainfall pattern; average temperature; physical characteristic; community engagement; groundwater reserve; poor infrastructure; food poverty; rural village; health facility; surface water; institutional framework; project risk; simplified procedures; community grant; community level; Natural Resources; recent years; population pressure; farming area; sedentary crop; bush fire; locust control; young men; rural population; locust invasions; increasing incidence; protected area; weather condition; pesticide poisoning; traditional leaders; local stakeholder; pest control; safe use; pesticide storage; labor influx; general assessment; remote area; sexual harassment; Social Conflict; seed stock; public outreach; workers' rights; stakeholder identification; personal protection; behavior change; project intervention; farmer association; informant interviews; safe environment; investment priority; Investment priorities; vulnerable group; forest degradation; ground stations; potentials for community; productive use; private security; oversight function; organizational structure; clear rules; social requirement; operational guidance; social policy; social policies; crisis management; livelihood protection; obsolete pesticide; Waste Material; positive impact; environmental requirement; technical expertise; community resource; solar system; aerial spraying; water component; grievance mechanism; regional water; pumping station; water tank; water pipe; participatory budget; water scarcity; access road; administrative region; school building; pipeline connections; water supplies; subsistence farming; change management; local value; primary focus; basic infrastructure; social sustainability; financial inclusion; savings mechanism; seed grant; financing instrument; revolving fund; basic training



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