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Official Documents- Grant Agreement for Grant TF0B6118 (Inglés)


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    Convenio sobre el fondo fiduciario o donación

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    Others, Otras regiones

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    Otras regiones,

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    Official Documents- Grant Agreement for Grant TF0B6118

  • Palabras clave

    global partnership for education; community health and safety; health and safety risk; learning assessment; purposes of section; violence against child; Code of Ethics; code of conduct; financial management specialist; types of expenditure; school management committee; education service delivery; amount of fund; civil service staff; source of funding; special needs student; calendar year; planning capacity; disbursement procedure; specialized agency; grievance mechanism; administrative authority; preventive measure; affected communities; instructional time; reasonable opportunity; Financing plans; model form; safeguard specialist; gender activities; citizen engagement; gender aspect; decentralized level; monitoring indicator; procurement regulation; financial intermediaries; stakeholder engagement; vehicle rental; insurance cost; bank charge; supervision cost; Cultural Heritage; school learning; student learning; train activity; world peace; international cooperation; reasonably request; social commitment; working condition; Resource Efficiency; pollution prevention; land acquisition; land use; sexual harassment; involuntary resettlement; Natural Resources; Indigenous Peoples; capacity strengthening; regulatory function; communication strategy; payment obligation; regulatory capacity; school inspector; tool kits; take stock; learning standard; governmental action



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