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Kazakhstan - South West Road Project : Western Europe - Western China international transit corridor : environmental assessment : Environmental and social impact assessment for Kurty - Burybailtal road section (Km 2295 - Km 2380) (Inglés)

The development objective of the South West Road Project : Western Europe - Western China international transit corridor is to increase transport efficiency on the road sections between Aktobe/Kyzylorda oblast border and Shymkent, and to improve road management and traffic safety in Kazakhstan. Negative impacts include: impacts on flora and fauna, dust, air quality, water pollution, waste management, soil erosion, and noise pollution. Mitigation measures include: ensuring high quality condition of the road surface throughout the operation period to minimize noise and particularly air pollution which has adverse impacts on fauna and can also impact sensitive flora; ensure fauna can make use of culvert and other crossing points by special treatment of the culvert floor (putting sand/soil on the floor); ensure, through proper construction management, that oil and other spills do not occur, and that if they do immediate action is taken to minimize impacts on the soil; storage of construction materials only takes place in properly prepared locations; immediate sorting and removal of construction debris to an offsite landfill; all surface water courses in all construction are to be protected by settling ponds and filters; waste water from construction camps to be treated on site before discharge into surface rivers; and septic sludge from toilets to be taken to offsite treatment plants.




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