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Labor Management Procedures Indonesia EITI Transition and Mainstreaming Support (P175864) (Inglés)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    Asia oriental y el Pacífico,

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    Labor Management Procedures Indonesia EITI Transition and Mainstreaming Support (P175864)

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    worst forms of child labor convention; terms and conditions of employment; Occupational health and safety; contract worker; rights to collective bargaining; national labor legislation; provisions of law; Code of Ethics; civil society group; minimum age convention; termination of employment; equality of opportunity; access to training; safe working conditions; basic first aid; public health risk; conflicts of interest; social security program; public sector employment; fundamental ilo convention; right to organize; Equal Opportunity; forced labor; grievance mechanism; Labor Law; public complaint; health facility; minimum wage; community activity; project duration; workers' rights; national authority; ministerial decision; employment relationship; written contract; employment term; contractor performance; selection criterion; national legislation; working day; paid leave; Labor Union; court decision; employment termination; employment protection; information service; Road Accidents; applicable law; safety measure; daily activity; local emergency; disciplinary practices; medical service; fair treatment; personal identity; labor regulation; working age; safety standard; vehicle rental; national regulation; work accident; adequate training; government ethics; government good; national procurement; procurement system; monthly wage; state policy; basic value; Death Insurance; old age; travel restriction; management process; health measures; Virtual Meeting; community workers; physical work; labor management; low-wage worker; migrant worker; vulnerable worker; stakeholder engagement; industry association; extractive company; geographic location; public dialogue; Social Assessment



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