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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Yemen Emergency Human Capital Project (P176570) (Inglés)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Yemen, Yemen República del

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    Oriente Medio y Norte de África,

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Yemen Emergency Human Capital Project (P176570)

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    access to water supply and sanitation; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Environmental and Social Management Framework; Environmental and Social Management Plan; national health system; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; Damage and Needs Assessment; health and safety officer; Social and Behavior Change Communication; Environmental and Social Risk Rating; Environmental and Social Performance; water and sanitation system; national environmental action plan; gender based violence; climate-related hazard; maternal and child nutrition; Occupational health and safety; Below the Poverty Line; vulnerability to climate change; access to safe water; access to basic service; impact of climate change; waste water treatment; legal and regulatory framework; Water and Sanitation Corporation; Environmental and Social Safeguard; wastewater collection and treatment; million people; access to health-care; water and wastewater; Sanitation Services; rehabilitation of water; social risk management; construction site; vulnerability to shock; national water sector; geographic information system; Gender-Based Violence; grievance redress mechanism; conflict and violence; adverse environmental impact; infectious disease outbreak; code of conduct; labour force; water quality monitoring; potable water supply; level of compliance; water treatment plant; water and sewerage; quality of water; national environmental law; collaboration with partners; lack of food; local government authority; early warning system; neglected tropical diseases; scarcity of water; least developed country; water treatment process; high population growth; corrective action; acute water scarcity; personal protective equipment; continuum of care; services for adolescents; civil service salary; operations and maintenance; exchange rate volatility; provision of water; provision water; vitamin a supplementation; security management; environmental quality standard; needs of woman; social and environmental; advantages of gender; tertiary health care; service delivery improvement; demand for health; access to goods; Value for Money; number of beneficiaries; response to crisis; capacity building plan; distribution of resource; flexibility and adaptability; water user association; climate change challenge; mitigation measure; decentralized level; stakeholder engagement



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