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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Support to Tertiary Education Project - P175694 (Inglés)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Oriente Medio y Norte de África,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Support to Tertiary Education Project - P175694

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; sustainable management; Occupational health and safety; centers of excellence; code of conduct; person with disability; Social Risk Rating; conflicts of interest; institutional capacity building; access to training; land use restriction; students with disability; human capital development; gender based violence; high youth unemployment; world health organization; risk of exposure; labor market outcome; analysis of alternatives; public sector employment; supply of materials; road safety measure; adverse environmental impact; negative environmental impact; Internally Displaced Person; adverse social impact; senior education specialist; vulnerable group; stakeholder engagement; mitigation measure; grievance mechanism; competitive funds; university student; contract worker; Natural Resources; sexual harassment; electronic device; child labor; labor management; awareness raising; civil works; physical work; poor community; working condition; Waste Management; Cultural Heritage; land acquisition; future worker; public consultation; indigenous people; minimum age; public meeting; feedback mechanism; anonymous complaints; environmental issue; advanced knowledge; environmental challenge; Equal Opportunity; business community; communication plan; general assessment; positive impact; selection criterion; Indigenous Peoples; initial screening; project datum; Higher Education; project intervention; social responsibility; labor influx; screening tool; raise awareness; borrower's commitment; education investment; civil society; affected persons; virtual consultations; The Disabled; paper waste; recent years; evaluation capacity; Resource Efficiency; female student; water consumption; fiscal reality; project costing; physical characteristic; low risk; social context; financial intermediaries; adequate facility; university graduate; Safeguard Policies; environmental risk; forced labor; construction activities; environment risk; procurement expertise; contractual agreement; social aspect; ethical standard; international university; safeguard policy; employment contract; evidence-based policy; daily activity; technical department; domestic waste



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