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Ghana - Country Partnership Framework for the Period of FY22-FY26 (Inglés)


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    Country Partnership Framework

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    Africa West,

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    Ghana - Country Partnership Framework for the Period of FY22-FY26

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    national health insurance scheme; Energy Sector; Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies; fiscal deficit; global value chain; Technical and Vocational Education; multilateral investment guarantee agency; costs of power; access to international capital markets; information and communication technology; Below the Poverty Line; external debt stock; Poverty & Inequality; loss of income; Financial Sector; free movement of people; debt and fiscal sustainability; gender based violence; financing need; industrial consumption of electricity; Policy-Based Guarantee; central government debt; small and medium enterprise; public sector wage bill; oil and gas reserve; performance of distribution company; high population growth rate; Completion and Learning Review; susceptibility to climate change; Fiscal and Debt Sustainability; Macroeconomic and Fiscal Framework; electricity distribution company; cost of finance; current account deficit; Job Creation; new power plant; national development plan; change in poverty; Right-sizing; increase in consumption; human capital; disbursement linked indicators; burden on woman; energy revenue; public sector staff; Oil & Gas; domestic tax revenue; natural resource exploitation; secondary school enrolment; tight monetary policy; private sector engagement; average life expectancy; agriculture and service; human development indicator; oil export volume; private sector finance; governance and institutions; competitive private sector; average inflation rate; public debt sustainability; disparities in access; child mortality rate; terms of trade; natural resource sector; high fertility rate; power generation cost; freedom of speech; peace keeping force; gas supply contract; risk of debt; current account balance; access to sanitation; clean drinking water; lack of resource; improving service delivery; domestic financial market; doses of vaccine; million people; cost of debt; citizen engagement; incidence of poverty; labor market activity; nominal interest rate; balance of payment; point of entry; total fertility rate; private sector involvement; per capita recipient; trade and investment; female labor force; nationally determine contribution; solar power plant; dimensions of poverty; per capita income; recent years; rapid urbanization; country risk; political stability; fiscal consolidation; Macroeconomic Stability; digital transformation; market access; Macroeconomic Management; regional hub; partnership framework; tax policy; fiscal pressure; revenue administration; school closure; Tax Compliance; commercial viability; domestic revenue; commodity price; real gdp; medium-term development; economic recovery; operation risk; external financing; fiscal risk; business environment; spatial inequality; complementary activities; government's commitment



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