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Nonclassical Measurement Error and Farmers’ Response to Information Reveal Behavioral Anomalies (Inglés)

This paper reports on a randomized experiment conducted among Malawian agricultural households to study nonclassical measurement error in self-reported plot area and farmers’ responses to new information (the objective plot area measure) that was provided to correct nonclassical measurement error. Farmers' pre-treatment self-reported plot areas exhibit considerable nonclassical measurement error, most of which follows a regression-to-mean pattern with respect to plot area, and another 18 percent of which arises from asymmetric rounding to half-acre increments. Randomized provision of GPS-based measures of true plot area generates four important findings. First, farmers incompletely update mistaken self-reports; most nonclassical measurement error persists even after the provision of true plot area measures. Second, farmers update asymmetrically in response to information, with upward corrections being far more common than downward ones even though most plot sizes were initially overestimated. Third, the magnitude of updating varies by true plot area and the magnitude and direction of initial nonclassical measurement error. Fourth, the information treatment affects self-reported information about non-land inputs, such as fertilizer and labor, indicating that the effects of measurement error and updating spill over across variables. Nonclassical measurement error reflects behavioral anomalies and carries implications for both survey data collection methods and the design of information-based interventions.


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    Abay,Kibrom A., Barrett,Christopher B., Kilic,Talip, Moylan,Heather G., Ilukor,John, Vundru,Wilbert Drazi

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    Documento de trabajo sobre investigaciones relativas a políticas

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    Africa East,

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    Nonclassical Measurement Error and Farmers’ Response to Information Reveal Behavioral Anomalies

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    measurement error; Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing; farmer; household survey data; parameters in equation; integrated household survey; post harvest treatment; average farm size; health plan choices; factor of production; household survey method; farm labor activity; food security policy; estimation of equation; provision of information; amount of land; treatment group; fertilizer use; production input; input use; fertilizer application; household head; new information; agricultural input; labor input; land area; standard error; mental model; enumeration area; accurate information; estimation result; information provision; experimental design; household labor; confirmation bias; inverse relationship; land preparation; agricultural household; labor use; 0 hypothesis; coefficient estimate; marginal return; sample household; treatment effect; cadastral survey; statistical inference; descriptive statistic; market information; soil texture; natural logarithm; agricultural data; regression coefficient; indicator variable; labor intensity; soil quality; agricultural intensification; crop varieties; crop variety; crop management; representative household; primary purpose; cultivated land; learning impact; parameter estimate; material loss; selective attention; Survey Solutions; farm organization; standard deviation; income generation; welfare implication; social status; customary tenure; soil type; observable variable; mean differences; nutrition education; public health; transition matrix; economics study; profit function; outcome data; consumption choice; welfare gains; technology adoption; entrepreneurial effort; constant term; evaluation study; causal impact; economics literature; longitudinal data; longitudinal survey; smallholder farming; empirical regularity; robustness check; labor allocation; agricultural survey; policy parameters; welfare outcome; subsequent reports; agricultural production; Research Support; methodological research; survey methods; crop productivity; welfare indicator; time allocation; agricultural season; development policy; open access; agricultural economics; soil fertility; agricultural growth; population pressure; gold standard; survey research; land productivity; survey implementation; agricultural labor; real adjustment; empirical validity; information campaign; conventional wisdom; farming activity; chemical fertilizer; farm activity; farm activities; Agricultural Extension; alternative hypothesis; choice architecture; demand function; smallholder farmer; behavioral economics; factor demand; land holding; econometric challenge; field staff; survey respondent; agricultural land; sole responsibility; downward adjustment; selection component; data system



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