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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Kiribati Outer Islands Resilience and Adaptation Project - P176702 (Inglés)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Asia oriental y el Pacífico,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Kiribati Outer Islands Resilience and Adaptation Project - P176702

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; hand-dug wells; terms and conditions of employment; civil works; community health and safety; water-borne disease; implementation of water supply; Occupational health and safety; Outer Islands; health and safety risk; sustainable management; Risks and Mitigation Measures; monitoring and evaluation responsibility; impact of climate change; sustainable use of energy; climate co-benefits; Performance-Based Grant; water resource assessment; solid waste collection; consumption of water; stakeholder engagement; generation of waste; ground water contamination; construction and rehabilitation; climate resilience; law and regulation; Social Risk Rating; incidence of illnesses; extraction of groundwater; hand dug well; planning and design; support grant; risk of exclusion; people with disability; flora and fauna; international good practice; categories of worker; climate change adaptation; intangible cultural heritage; salinization due; Access to Education; displacement of communities; disaster risk management; average annual rainfall; point source discharge; energy and water; main water sources; impacts on biodiversity; power and water; asbestos-containing materials; average sea level; safe work environment; cultural heritage site; world health organization; sea level rise; form of share; codes of practice; local government system; sovereign wealth fund; potable water supply; displacement of people; code of conduct; Water and Energy; amounts of energy; local capacity building; Climate Change Policy; long term risk; land development; drainage infrastructure; basic infrastructure; community workers; spatial planning; construction activities; infiltration gallery; small-scale water; environmental risk; downstream impact; groundwater abstraction; ground level; remote community; negotiated agreement; communal land; groundwater contamination; construction material; safety regulation; block grant; government land; land usage; cumulative impact; coral atolls; sanitation facility; terrestrial biodiversity; grievance mechanism; procurement documents; response measure; movement restriction; operational risk; remote group; forced labor; contract worker; sexual harassment; hydrocarbon spills; fresh groundwater; travel restriction; labor management; public space; climate adaptation; land use; groundwater extraction; public asset; groundwater reserve; Climate Risk; investment planning; ecosystem service; finance activity; resilient infrastructure; reef systems; drainage improvement; internal migration; government housing; ethnic group; Resource Efficiency; mining license; water quality; community labor; local stakeholder; public building; inward migration; Population Growth; discharge volume; saline water; Natural Resources; construction phase; need assessment; waste stream; island community; rehabilitation activities; lagoon habitats; fish kill; coastal process; water drainage; physical characteristic; sanitation improvement; principal source; environmental group; vulnerable population; civil society; medium-term development; Consulting services; social aspect; community outreach; storm surge; effective water; prior review; worker training; prevention measures; borrower's commitment; financial intermediaries; construction site; account risk; culturally sensitive; baseline information; exclusion criteria; own-source revenue; removing barriers; institutional strengthening; general assessment; planning activity; Global Warming; small island; adverse risks; land area; shallow groundwater; standard protocol; agricultural activity; procurement activities; financial resource; lessons learnt; pollution prevention; water supplies; positive impact; long-term sustainability; local council; Flood Prevention; water collection; social media; sustainable solution; project operation; construction contractor; surface water; groundwater quality; open defecation; animal waste



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