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China - Contaminated Site Management Project : Environmental Assessment (Vol. 2) : 山东大成农化环境与社会影响评价 (Chino)

The development objective of Contaminated Site Management Project for China is to improve the country’s capacity for managing site contamination, and demonstrate identification and cleanup of sites contaminated with POPs and other hazardous chemicals in an environmentally sound manner. Some of the negative impacts include: (i) in the in-situ remediation site, fugitive dust is generated in the process of soil excavation, temporary storage of soils, and operation of construction trucks; (ii) in the in-situ remediation site, the volatile organic pollution gas is mainly sourced from the polluted soils which creates an irritating smell; (iii) the waste wastewater generated in the process of engineering construction mainly includes the flushing water for the wheels of transport trucks and domestic by the construction personnel; (iv) the noises during engineering construction are mainly generated by machines at the time of site leveling and soil excavation and transport; and (v) the solid wastes generated during engineering construction mainly include the excavated polluted soils and a small quantity of domestic wastes generated by the construction personnel. Some of the mitigation measures include: (i) spray water fog through mobile spraying and de-dusting machines to prevent the escape of dust; (iii) the four walls and bottoms of the settling pond, temporary soil storage zone, solidification and stabilization area, and truck washing station should all be subjected to anti-seepage treatment, and the wastewater pipes should also be subjected to anti-seepage and anti-leakage treatment; (iv) the strong-noise equipment should be closed or blocked by sound-proof shields, to reduce the noises; and (v) the domestic wastes generated by the construction personnel should be transported and be subjected to innocent treatment by the environmental sanitation authorities, thus preventing negative influence on the ambient environment.


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