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Revised Labor Management Procedures Public Information and Awareness Services for Vulnerable Communities in Lao PDR (P170640) (Inglés)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    República Democrática Popular Lao,

  • Región

    Asia oriental y el Pacífico,

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    Revised Labor Management Procedures Public Information and Awareness Services for Vulnerable Communities in Lao PDR (P170640)

  • Palabras clave

    equal pay for equal work; conflicts of interest; Environmental and Social Impact; Occupational health and safety; workplace health and safety; Public Information and Awareness; Environmental and Social Safeguard; monitoring and evaluation plan; Environmental and Social Performance; community health and safety; access to government service; protection of cultural heritage; abuse of authority; sexual harassment; grievance redress mechanism; stakeholder engagement; community volunteer; contract worker; people with disability; human resource management; violence against child; right to organize; first aid equipment; cause harm; radio talk show; minimum working age; knowledge management process; legal advisory service; criteria for selection; Sexually Transmitted Disease; age of employment; form of discrimination; financing of terrorism; allegations of misconduct; cases of harassment; forms of abuse; protection of child; principle of equality; code of conduct; project cycle management; community workers; affected communities; corruption; grievance mechanism; risk assessment; forced labor; social issue; child abuse; Contractual obligations; ethical behavior; national legislation; management board; the administration; social security; occupational hazard; child labor; minimum age; minimum wage; labor dispute; paid leave; public servant; Medical care; voluntary basis; travel expenses; field activity; core functions; reasonable effort; Natural Resources; contract condition; safeguard policy; working condition; security guidelines; minimum requirement; organizational policies; Safeguard Policies; employment practice; safeguards system; no harm; Performance Appraisals; social information; stakeholder consultation; cultural context; employment contract; intercultural context; ethical conduct; Health Workers; legal framework; international programs; grassroots organisations; in work; human traffic; hazardous work; indentured labor; local stakeholder; labor management; protective measure; basic safety; vehicle driver; Legal Clinics; adequate provision; hygiene facility; wash basins; local branch; fundamental right; socio-economic development; secure storage; employment opportunity; transparent process; legal compliance; community labor; targeted training; effective monitoring; preventive measure; case investigation; employment opportunities; appropriate instruments; working relationship; common goals; specific clause; institutional mechanism; personal safety; contractual agreement; contract management; consultative process; working time; information tools; mission statement; sexual misconduct; mental integrity; disciplinary measure; Child protection; humanitarian crisis; child exploitation; legal requirement; contractual relationship; international standard; reputational risk; fiduciary standard; illicit activity; prevention measures; case management; preventive efforts; internal rule; penal code; salary adjustment; unequal opportunity; gender aspect; low risk; drug abuse; awareness raising; awareness campaign; yellow fever; civil society; worker's right; vulnerable person; ilo convention; remote area; technical expert; equal remuneration; local counsel; dengue fever; video clip; informal worker; legal right; hepatitis a; law



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