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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Strengthening Transparency of the Extractives Industries through EITI Implementation - P176874 (Inglés)


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    Brett,Damian Mckinnon

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Asia oriental y el Pacífico,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Strengthening Transparency of the Extractives Industries through EITI Implementation - P176874

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Impact; Occupational health and safety; sustainable management; Recipient-Executed Trust Fund; Social Assessment; code of conduct; Extractive Industry; online system; Natural Resource Management; water supply pipeline; Social Risk Rating; natural resource exploitation; participation of citizens; lack of communication; implementation of regulation; acquisition of land; government's action; Use of Country Systems; access to capital; intangible cultural heritage; categories of worker; good environmental; improved information; Natural Resources; beneficial ownership; stakeholder engagement; gender issue; extractive sector; civil society; Mining; contract worker; geographic location; physical building; land use; mining companies; environmental issue; mining company; extractives industries; financial intermediaries; rehabilitation activities; mineral wealth; working condition; government budget; Ethnic Minorities; environmental risk; community level; child labor; access restrictions; gender parity; general assessment; labor influx; mine expansion; civil works; grant funds; transparency issues; public outreach; policy-making process; mineral processing; advocacy tool; social implications; human population; social commitment; Power Generation; rail transportation; public concern; foreign investor; investment policy; state agency; commercial activity; large mining; groundwater resource; labor contract; borrower's commitment; project risk; project datum; commercial purpose; public accountability; Resource Efficiency; pollutant emission; monitoring data; Environmental Assessment; initial screening; project costing; forced labor; labor management; knowledge worker; government worker; interest parity; english language; equal representation; accountability standard; data quality; physical characteristic; mineral deposit; investment climate; heavy reliance; unsustainable exploitation; subsequent years; corrective action; value chain; gender balance; community health; global standard; corporate governance



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