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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Malawi Watershed Services Improvement Project - P167860 - Sequence No : 03 (Inglés)


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    Wondem,Tesfaye Bekalu

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    Informe sobre el estado de ejecución y los resultados

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    Disclosable Version of the ISR - Malawi Watershed Services Improvement Project - P167860 - Sequence No : 03

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    Soil and Water Conservation; sustainable landscape; increase in income; Performance-Based Grant; farmer; irrigation and drainage; land area; point of production; access to water; improved agricultural technologies; female farmer; agricultural land area; water conservation measures; high yield boreholes; irrigation or drainage; national water resource; water irrigation; soil water content; Investment Project Financing; surface water quality; amount of water; water for irrigation; productive use; project intervention; water source; sediment yield; natural regeneration; contour ridges; plantation forestry; remote sensing; land quality; check dam; electromagnetic spectrum; watershed management; infiltration ditches; water harvesting; weather effects; riparian buffer; major river; vegetation cover; consultancy service; tenure security; average performance; ecological change; satellite imagery; soil moisture; micro watershed; community forestry; Agricultural Technology; farming season; land-use types; soil erosion; groundwater level; Natural Resources; green vegetation; project indicator; productive system; water global; hydrological process; dry period; degraded lands; ecological data; protected area; forest land; climate effect; landscape restoration; agricultural commodity; operation risk; risk category; natural forest; conservation agriculture; agricultural productivity; grant program; software system; Land Registration; rainwater harvesting; irrigation scheme; construction supervision; Land Registry; ecosystem parameters; soil fertility; catchment planning; significant factor



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