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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Gambia Inclusive and Resilient Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (GIRAV) - P173070 (Inglés)


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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Gambia Inclusive and Resilient Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (GIRAV) - P173070

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework; ngos and civil society; village development committee; increase poverty; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; national agricultural research institute; national roads authority; Agricultural Research and Development; Environmental and Social Performance; capacity-building activity; life expectancy at birth; access to health service; Agricultural Value Chain; food value chain; grievance mechanism; violence against child; consultations with stakeholders; Ownership Share Type; cash crop production; Sexually transmitted diseases; conditions of access; development of communication; private sector operator; flow of information; gender based violence; financing of investment; access to technology; food safety risk; environment action plan; quality control system; Human Immunodeficiency Virus; use of media; state-owned enterprise; public address system; information service provider; means of communication; information and communication; people with hiv; female-headed household; person with disability; access to fund; local woman; provision of credit; form of engagement; source income; risk of exclusion; development of market; loss of land; private service provider; children must; forms of exploitation; form of discrimination; violence against woman; opportunity for woman; access to school; low literacy rate; loss of life; bureau of statistic; source of income; stakeholder engagement; vulnerable group; commercial agriculture; private investment; stakeholder analysis; community level; marketing infrastructure; matching grant; agricultural sector; Public-Private Dialogue; feedback mechanism; enabling environment; vegetable grower; improved technologies; stakeholder identification; project intervention; productive investment; press release; implementing partner; stakeholder need; specific issue; administrative region; selection criterion; sensitive topics; involuntary resettlement; stakeholder consultation; public notice; land acquisition; best practice; land use; age range; management skill; consultation process; community representative; vulnerable individual; public consultation; chronic disease; improved seed; Natural Resources; Labor Market; sexual orientation; gender identity; project identification; literacy level; concessionary financing; family head; electronic publication; farmer organization; information dissemination; consultation meeting; child labor; scale farmer; crop season; youth group; individual women; rice irrigation; food system; agribusiness sector; livestock owner; business environment; rural connectivity; early marriage; crop management; employment prospect; rural woman; adequate security; implementing policy; cultural norm; unpaid work; social origin; Reproductive Health; sexual gratification; minor children; negligent treatment; Gender Gap; physical disability; sexual offence; equity gap; Women Empowerment; youth affair; gender disparity; working day; low employment; education attainment; women producer; national population; marriage dowry; horticultural crop; smallholder farmer; monitoring activity; Mental disabilities; dry season; field visits; rice production; Vegetable Production; telecommunication company; technical component; binding constraint; resettlement issue; funding mechanism; market sector; information access; females age; exploitative labor; female youth; digital camera; skill development; rural area; legal right; young male; Agricultural Statistics; sample survey; housing census; management structure; other development; large families; financial insecurity; administrative documents; agricultural activity; project sponsor; physical planning; cultivable land; negative effect; landless farmer; health condition; consultation method; social dislocation; stakeholder influence; older woman; other asset; communication plan; open sharing; stakeholder interest; cultural practice; traditional form; social distance; land donations; present study; ethnic group



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