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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Productive Safety Nets and Jobs Project - P175327 (Inglés)


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    Zapatero Larrio,Eric

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa East,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Productive Safety Nets and Jobs Project - P175327

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    Social Protection; Environmental and Social Review Summary; community health and safety; social safety net system; Occupational health and safety; Gender-Based Violence; health and safety risk; gender based violence; social safety net program; Orphans and Vulnerable Children; Cash Transfer; waste management plan; security management; due diligence assessment; code of conduct; extreme poor household; Social Risk Rating; number of beneficiaries; safety net activity; cash transfer program; mitigation measure; intimate partner violence; community outreach activities; implications for health; household survey data; social protection system; high fertility rate; number of accidents; food poverty line; number of workers; use of chemicals; equitable resource allocation; poverty and conflict; safety and health; grievance redress mechanism; water borne disease; management of household; human capital development; use of water; greenhouse gas emission; child headed household; disposal of waste; person with disability; behavior change activities; environmental risk; labor standard; road safety; stakeholder engagement; risk assessment; cultural resource; sustainable management; regular training; Cultural Heritage; delivery mechanism; high security; contract worker; consultation effort; legal counsel; living resources; civil works; religious objects; need assessment; medical service; response measure; low risk; land use; social registries; beneficiary selection; alien species; Social Conflict; productive investment; dust generation; start-up capital; vulnerable household; social impact; Host Communities; civil society; better nutrition; security risk; social program; government institution; vulnerable individual; effective participation; national territory; stakeholder identification; safety measure; communication strategy; physical characteristic; washing hand; refugee population; potential conflicts; beneficiary household; local economy; borrower's commitment; best practice; international waterway; financial intermediaries; emergency response; gender relation; general assessment; productive activity; local producer; crop production; agricultural production; pesticide management; landscape restoration; water quality; Solid Waste Management; sensitive ecosystems; critical habitat; rural area; Natural Resources; disposal site; regulatory authority; disciplinary action; security personnel; cultural impact; safeguard specialist; Social Assessment; guiding principles; qualifying criteria; vulnerable group; cash grant; labor condition; appropriate service; prevention strategies; natural habitat; social affairs; biodiversity value; protection measure; equitable participation; young woman; Safeguard Policies; beneficiary capacity; target system; ecosystem service; safeguard policy; water use; labor management; waterborne disease; population pressure; environmental degradation; social commitment; take stock; social distance; economic shock; physical distance; Environmental Assessment; high poverty; capacity assessment; environmental rating; community activity



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