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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Dili Water Supply Project - P176687 (Inglés)


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    De Jong,Ijsbrand Harko

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Timor Oriental,

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    Asia oriental y el Pacífico,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Dili Water Supply Project - P176687

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan; environmental management and mitigation plans; worst forms of child labor; water supply and sanitation system; water supply and sanitation sector; community health and safety; disposal of construction waste; Occupational health and safety; quality of drinking water; sustainability of water supply; sustainable use of energy; groundwater use and development; efficient use of water; impact of climate change; health and safety risk; sustainable management; access to potable water; Water Resource Management; Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental Health and Safety; water demand management; water treatment plant; water distribution network; assessment of water; risk of exclusion; appropriate mitigation measures; improved water supply; social risk management; surface water intake; code of conduct; right to organize; fecal sludge management; water supply system; public water supply; water-related diseases; pollution mitigation measure; institutional capacity assessment; capacity building program; sustainable water supply; groundwater monitoring well; negative health impacts; water service provider; reliable water supply; public water point; traffic management plan; management of health; Sexually Transmitted Disease; opportunity for woman; adequate water supply; Social Risk Rating; waste disposal practices; waste disposal site; codes of practice; standard operating procedure; physical cultural resources; child labor convention; equal remuneration convention; collective bargaining convention; improvements in water; quality of supply; freedom of association; impact from construction; gender based violence; public water utility; agriculture and industry; safety of women; risk of damage; water supply infrastructure; scope of application; primarily due; supply water; clean water supply; number of workers; piped water supply; volume of water; amount of water; water supply disruption; construction and operation; water resource system; access to water; quality of water; secure water supply; stakeholder engagement; groundwater resource; civil works; water infrastructure; transmission main; rising main; construction activities; vulnerable group; pipe network; Natural Resources; land acquisition; sacred sites; social infrastructure; safe yield; raw water; dry season; cumulative impact; environmental risk; critical habitat; irreversible impacts; distribution pipeline; groundwater assessment; soil excavation; Traffic Safety; risk assessment; sexual harassment; institutional framework; citizen engagement; reform objectives; land take; affected persons; investment fund; ground water; unskilled worker; construction work; groundwater pumping; reservoir capacity; water source; Proposed Investment; Social Assessment; soil erosion; wastewater volume; municipal staff; pumping station; largest groups; land use; ghg emissions; cultural practice; water reservoir; water quality; long-term sustainability; saltwater intrusion; illegal connection; groundwater quality; project risk; land issue; low-income settlement; affected households; land size; ecosystem service; safeguards requirement; monitoring activity; marine area; environmental license; limited capacity; dry condition; stakeholder consultation; construction phase; labor management; opportunity cost; small children; vulnerable population; sanitation facility; physical characteristic; productive activity; Job Creation; household hygiene; temporary suspension; Water Services; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; security personnel; involuntary resettlement; general assessment; financial intermediaries; water utilities; colonial era; Environmental Assessment; groundwater aquifer; pipeline distribution; salt water; borrower's commitment; social screening; water investment; safety performance; social study; social studies; ambient air; risk categorization



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