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Environmental and Social Audit West Bank Emergency Social Protection COVID-19 Response Project (P174078) (Inglés)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Documento de auditoría

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  • País

    Gaza y Ribera Occidental,

  • Región

    Oriente Medio y Norte de África,

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  • Nom. del doc.

    Environmental and Social Audit West Bank Emergency Social Protection COVID-19 Response Project (P174078)

  • Palabras clave

    legal and regulatory framework; Risks and Mitigation Measures; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental and Social Performance; cash assistance; Cash Transfer; stakeholder engagement; grievance redress mechanism; access to information; number of beneficiaries; people with disability; disbursement of cash; cash transfer program; safety net delivery; international good practice; project affected persons; risk management tool; qualitative research method; identification of risks; capacity building support; appropriate mitigation measures; means of transportation; temporary employment opportunities; collection of information; person with disability; income due; field visits; eligibility criterion; vulnerable group; public consultation; social media; corrective action; cash disbursement; selection criterion; consultation workshop; project effectiveness; social worker; vulnerable population; social distance; marginalized group; short-term employment; grievance mechanism; geographical area; communication plan; cash support; working condition; vulnerable household; press release; application process; village council; Elderly People; cash payment; funding gap; arabic language; registration form; household head; consultation meeting; stakeholder analysis; general assessment; involuntary resettlement; land acquisition; government instruction; beneficiary selection; outreach activity; target beneficiary; geographic coverage; beneficiary household; socioeconomic impact; institutional measure; social concern; payment mechanism; civil works; regular monitoring; organizational capacity; emergency preparedness; legal right; targeting mechanism; legal aspect; corrective measure; research technique; geographical distribution; literature review; direct beneficiaries; social standard; beneficiary interviews; primary data; english version; environment assessment; Environmental Assessment; grace period; beneficiary impact; administrative framework; audit finding; informant interviews; complaints system; stakeholder consultation; poverty alleviation; annex annex; Social Conflict; public meeting; public complaint; reporting requirement; household fall; primary reason; home visit; beneficiary survey; first stage; public health; institutional stakeholders; divorced woman; file complaints; site visits; audit result; international media; need assessment; local law; application status; safety specialist; contract worker; eligible beneficiary; several methods; outreach mechanisms; interview questions; collected information; data administration; Public Transportation; safety procedure; electronic form; budget amount; application form; radio component



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