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Republique Centrafricaine - Project de Rehabilitation de L'Environnement Urbain (PREU) - analyse environnementale (Francés)

The Urban Environmental Rehabilitation Project aims at restructuring the infrastructure in Bangui, specifically, structural improvement in road networks and drainage systems, with an integrated urban pilot project for the improvement of the Ngouciment neighborhood. Restructuring the road network, will positively impact both accessibility and security, with increased neighborhood interconnections. Furthermore, a minor air pollution decrease is expected, due to traffic improvements. Negative impacts, such as traffic and construction noise, dust emission and air pollution during construction and/or extraction of construction materials, will increase. Regarding drainage systems, conditions are expected to improve, with flood risks decreasing. Nevertheless, during construction, noise and air pollution will impact negatively, as will temporary detours in water main flows. Although no mitigation measure is possible concerning traffic and construction noise, it is recommended that construction materials be extracted with maximum environmental precautions, agreed by and with the government, in accordance with project guidelines. Mitigation regarding drainage and the Ngouciment neighborhood, includes appropriate extraction measures and an active community participation. Technical specifications should be included in planning temporary water main detours.


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    Infraconsult Geneve SA

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    Evaluación ambiental

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    República Centroafricana,

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    Republique Centrafricaine - Project de Rehabilitation de L'Environnement Urbain (PREU) - analyse environnementale

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    Environmental impact assessment; Drainage systems; Floods; Noise pollution; Solid waste management; Traffic; Urban infrastructure; Waste management; Water supply; Air pollution; Sanitation; Community participation; Dust



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