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Iraq - COVID-19 Vaccination Project (Inglés)

The development objective of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Project for Iraq is to support the Government of Iraq in the acquisition and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines. The project comprises of two components. The first component, COVID-19 vaccines and deployment will support the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines and related deployment activities. It consists of following sub-components: (i) COVID-19 vaccine support; and (ii) support for deployment of COVID-19 vaccines. The second component, project management and monitoring and evaluation (M and E) will support the coordination, implementation, and management of project activities, including third party monitoring. It consists of following sub-components: (i) project management and M and E; and (ii) third party monitoring.


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    Documento de evaluación inicial de proyecto

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    Oriente Medio y Norte de África,

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    Iraq - COVID-19 Vaccination Project

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    STEP Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement; Environmental and Social Management Framework; Damage and Needs Assessment; reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction; Vaccines; project monitoring and evaluation; Infection Prevention and Control; global health; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; total amount due; community health and safety; economic and financial analysis; disability-adjusted life; monitoring and evaluation arrangement; Occupational health and safety; medical waste management plan; vulnerability to food insecurity; health care delivery system; grievance redress mechanism; million people; Health Care Waste; Internally Displaced Person; Grievance Redress Service; Health System Strengthening; risk category; capacity for implementation; risk of morbidity; population health; primary health care; equipment and supply; billion people; vaccine development effort; healthcare waste management; health information system; awareness raising campaign; Investment Project Financing; per capita health; due diligence assessment; treatment of patient; emerging infectious disease; oil price volatility; gross national income; supply chain management; electronic registration system; damage to health; people with disability; public health measures; national preparedness plan; energy efficiency standard; damage to hospital; access to vaccine; long-term climate change; catastrophic health expenditure; cold chain equipment; procurement of equipment; demand for vaccines; ischemic heart disease; chronic kidney disease; number of refugees; child immunization rate; data collection system; Gender-Based Violence; causes of mortality; maternal mortality ratio; total fertility rate; High Blood Pressure; emergency operations center; impact of conflict; living in poverty; health care service; minister of health; human capital accumulation; readiness assessment; chronic disease; Health Workers; vaccination effort; other development



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