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Burkina Faso - Decentralization Development Project : environmental and social management plan : Burkina-Faso - Projet d Appui aux Collectivites Territoriales : plan de gestion environnementale (Francés)

The development objective of the Decentralization Development Project of Burkina Faso is to lay the foundations for improved delivery of basic services by strengthening tax administration systems and international communities in improving organizational capabilities, institutional and individual municipal level and strengthening the participation of citizens in decision-making at the local level. In addition the project (which represents the first tranche of a programmatic approach) seeks to harness emerging government commitment to local government reforms by supporting the implementation of critical aspects of the fiscal and administrative decentralization in Burkina Faso. The project aims to achieve the following key results: (i) a fiscal and administrative inter-communities predictable, transparent and rules-based, showing movements in increased tax to local authorities, (ii) improved management capacity at local level (iii) increased fiduciary controls and improved reporting on the sub-national expenditure, (iv) better social accountability mechanisms to better link the choices of citizens in the decisions of local authorities and (v) increased citizen participation in making more processes in local decision. Negative impacts will come from activities such as construction / rehabilitation or expansion of infrastructure (classrooms, health centers and social centers), maintenance and / or improvement of access roads and small bridges, rural infrastructure to water supply and sanitation, digging wells, etc. that could be sources of negative impacts (increased soil erosion and siltation of streams, degradation of the biota of streams, degradation land cover due to erosion, drainage and storm-water management, gateways, preservation of natural topography, collection and disposal of solid waste, pollution of groundwater resources and surface and increasing interference from water disease vectors such as mosquitoes due to stagnant water, etc..), whose conduct will require the application of mitigation measures after the construction / rehabilitation.




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