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The World Bank annual report 1999 (Inglés)

This annual report, covering July 1, 1998 to July 30, 1999, chronicles the World Bank's response to the formidable global challenges it confronted in the wake of the financial crisis in East Asia. The Bank has stretched itself to new boundaries to respond rapidly and in a manner commensurate with the wide-ranging emergency and long-term needs meeting country demand for finance and expertise, and focusing on basic human needs as well as investor needs as a basis for strong growth. Underlying all the Bank's activities in FY99 are the common threads of change, flexibility, and partnership to serve clients better, best captured in the piloting of the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF). This process recognizes the importance of macroeconomic fundamentals but gives equal weight to the institutional, structural, and social underpinnings of a robust market economy. It is a country-owned, holistic approach based on a long-term vision and strong partnerships focused on results. In the short run, the CDF establishes mechanisms to build consensus, forges stronger partnerships that allow for strategic selectivity, reduces wasteful competition, and emphasizes concrete results. In the long run, the CDF enhances development effectiveness and contributes toward the central goal of poverty reduction and reaching agreed targets. This report details Bank operations country by country and region by region, threading in thematic perspectives and spotlighting crisis interventions.


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    Informe Anual del Banco Mundial

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    The World Bank annual report 1999

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    Finance & Private Sector Development;Poverty Reduction & Economic Management;Board of Executive Directors;disease surveillance and control;economic and financial reform;access to private capital;learning and innovation loan;structural adjustment lending;water supply and sanitation;fight against poverty;financial crisis;regional context;level of support;financial sector development;gnp per capita;capital market borrowing;economic policy reform;response to crisis;incidence of poverty;impact of literacy;prevention of aids;rural living standard;share of investment;risk of contagion;partial risk guarantee;vote of confidence;international capital market;purchasing power parity;determinants of poverty;direct foreign investment;emerging market economy;years of schooling;efficiency and quality;life expectancy gains;signs of recovery;girls in school;basic human need;sale of bond;people in poverty;areas of work;corporate social responsibility;international financial market;poverty reduction mission;decline in poverty;foreign direct investment;quality and efficiency;Board of Governors;municipal service delivery;school improvement program;rural road rehabilitation;income and expenditure;Promoting Private Sector;export processing zone;partnerships with ngos;public sector modernization;national water resource;socially sustainable development;natural resource degradation;international financial architecture;



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