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Global development finance : 2000 (Vol. 2) : Country tables (Inglés)

Global Development Finance was formerly published as World Debt Tables. The new name reflects the report's expanded scope and greater coverage of private financial flows. The report consists of two volumes: a) Analysis and Summary Tables contains analysis and commentary on recent developments in international finance for developing countries, with particular focus on the global financial crisis. Summary statistical tables are included for 150 countries. b) Country Tables contains statistical tables on the external debt of the 137 countries that report public and public guaranteed debt under the Debtor Reporting System (DRS). Also included are tables of selected debt and resource flow statistics for individual reporting countries as well as summary tables for regional and income groups. This year's report includes the external debt obligations of the Republic of Korea, a high-income country. Charts on pages ix to xi summarize graphically the relation between debt stock and its components; the computation of flows, aggregate net resource flows, and aggregate net transfers; and the relation between net resource flow and the balance of payments. Exact definitions of these and other terms are found in the Sources and Definitions section.




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