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Egypt, Arab Republic of - Second Airport Development Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 6) : Appendix (four) (Inglés)

The objectives of the Second Airport Development Project for Egypt are: (i) to support the expansion of Cairo International Airport (CAI) passenger capacity to accommodate traffic growth and enhance the airport's quality of service, and (ii) to improve air transport safety and security. Negative impacts of the project include: noise pollution, air pollution, traffic and access to road, water quality, excavated waste, construction waste and general refuse, and solid wastes. Mitigation measures include: 1) to determine specific sound level measurements of typical machines to be used particularly those activities that have been identified to be noisy or produce sound levels above daytime noise criteria; 2) provide a safe and adequate diversion for every road link that is closed during the construction phase. The traffic flow to and from terminal two and the established parking lots needs to be maintained at all times; 3) all material resulting from construction must be put in a location protected from wind and regularly sprayed with water until reused for fill or disposed of outside the site; 4) temporary haul roads shall be watered whilst in use to reduce dust production during construction; 5) all hauling trucks must be securely covered to eliminate dust scatter while moving in and out of the site; 6) contractor documents should include waste management plans to include recycling of solid wastes and off site proper disposal of solid hazardous wastes; 7) all construction wastes and wastes from contractors' camps and offices will be disposed to designated sites only. Wastes are mainly large stones, loose sandy soil, paper, cement bags, wood, paint holders, and food residues; and 8) all offices are to be provided with approved sanitary facilities. Care should be given to workers" human excreta disposal in order to eliminate potential sources of infection and unsightly conditions.




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