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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Somalia Crisis Recovery Project (P173315) (Inglés)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Somalia Crisis Recovery Project (P173315)

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    heavily indebted poor country; water supply and sanitation service; form of discrimination against woman; Water and Land; Health Care Waste; Risks and Mitigation Measures; post disaster needs assessment; Occupational health and safety; law of the sea; Rain-fed Farming; environmental and social assessments; water and sanitation system; Policy and Institutional Framework; Environmental and Social Monitor; life expectancy at birth; Federal Government of Somalia; solid waste management plan; food and agricultural; Below the Poverty Line; health and safety risk; access to safe water; multilateral debt relief initiative; effect of climate change; pest management plan; grievance redress mechanism; access to water; social and environmental; early warning system; inward migration; Internally Displaced Person; piece of legislation; customary land tenure; area under irrigation; sanitation and hygiene; amount of rainfall; water supply management; basic water supply; nationally determine contribution; impact of climate; extreme weather event; money transfer service; support crop; damage to infrastructure; lack of rainfall; code of conduct; country economic memorandum; flood risk assessment; food security crisis; female-headed household; financial management activities; essential health services; ministries of interior; conflict and fragility; investment and procurement; law enforcement agencies; flood risk management; allocation to state; national regulatory framework; conflict and violence; disaster risk management; cash for work; flood control system; execution of judgment; ozone layer protection; impact of flood; hazardous waste management; rehabilitation of facility; amount of water; health care provision; water pollution control; health care facility; shallow water table; resources and budget; flora and fauna; legal framework; ground water; stakeholder engagement; community level; medical waste; rural area; health care facilities; need assessment; water resource; federal republic; working condition; health facility; wash facility; water point; Flood Recovery; agriculture system; international agreement; laboratory capacity; social impact; monitoring plan; public health; disease outbreak; Child protection; open well; regular supervision; irrigation water; risk category; investment planning; stakeholder consultation; ecosystem service; Resource Efficiency; civil works; local council; Gender Equality; construction site; irrigation scheme; security forces; construction phase; water source; community workers; aid flow; private ownership; endangered species; heavy rainfall; emergency response; construction activities; internal displacement; community consultation; demographic pressure; agricultural land; constitutional change; public property; monitoring compliance; recent years; marine dumping; community group; healthy environment; public asset; environmental goods; gap analysis; Natural Resources; Justice Systems; local population; raise awareness; tax system; onward transmission; administrative function; reporting procedure; organizational structure; existing capacity; Government Facility; safeguards compliance; contract management; international environment; environmental issue; local tension; aid resource; Higher Education; sustainable livelihood; environmental conservation; economic sector; governance institutions; forced recruitment; social screening; social outcome; monitoring process; riverine areas; hygienic condition; other sectors; domestic animal; continued conflict; rainfall total; vulnerable countries; natural disaster; green vegetation; fair share; financial contribution; road map; climate resilience; protective effect; dust storm; management procedure; protected area; endemic tree; corrective measure; national resource; invasive species; bird area; main river; crop production; geographic region; endemic species; monsoon season; perennial rivers; ecological condition; healthcare waste; adjacent areas; downstream areas



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