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CERC Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Somalia Crisis Recovery Project (P173315) (Inglés)


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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    CERC Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Somalia Crisis Recovery Project (P173315)

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    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Management Framework; Environmental and Social Risk Rating; water supply and sanitation service; Risks and Mitigation Measures; community health and safety; access to safe water; Infection Prevention and Control; Occupational health and safety; Federal Government of Somalia; incident management system; wastewater treatment plant; Environmental and Social Safeguard; life expectancy at birth; access to health facility; legal and regulatory framework; health and safety issue; resettlement action plan; impact from climate change; package of health service; gender based violence; project design and implementation; Environmental and Social Performance; health care facilities; essential health services; grievance redress mechanism; international development partner; development of site; right of access; waste management facilities; food security crisis; medical waste management; recovery of livelihood; point of entry; acute respiratory infection; healthcare waste management; construction and operation; acquisition of land; diversity within species; humanitarian response; Human Immunodeficiency Virus; Internally Displaced Person; quantity of waste; emissions to air; equipment and supply; waste treatment facility; risk of contamination; impacts on biodiversity; Health Care Waste; national regulatory framework; crowded living condition; cause harm; income generating activity; piece of legislation; national health care; health care service; social and environmental; health care facility; transportation of patients; Emergency Health Services; inclusive economic growth; healthy working conditions; closure of institution; risk of exposure; social protection system; port of entry; disease surveillance system; disparities in access; rna extraction kit; complications of childbirth; basic health care; population at large; epidemic prone diseases; national health service; means of communication; health care centers; access to water; Universal Health Care; forms of gender; access to asset; personal protective equipment; access to information; water supply management; acid fast bacilli; hazardous materials management; identification of risks; basic water supply; vulnerable social group; health care system; loss of land; planning and design; disbursement of fund; loss of income; security management; Natural Resources; stakeholder engagement; Social Assessment; Health Workers; vulnerable group; disease outbreak; land acquisition; ecosystem service; land use



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