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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Enhancing Shared Prosperity through Equitable Services - P151432 - Sequence No : 13 (Inglés)


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    Chapman,Emily Weedon

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    Informe sobre el estado de ejecución y los resultados

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    Disclosable Version of the ISR - Enhancing Shared Prosperity through Equitable Services - P151432 - Sequence No : 13

  • Palabras clave

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; environmental and social management; system for service delivery; access to basic service; Environmental and Social Safeguard; completion rates for girl; internal audit department; internal audit position; mothers with children; education service delivery; intermediate outcome; gender based violence; internal audit function; internal control weakness; agricultural extension service; civil society sector; human resource capacity; capacity building training; gender parity index; net enrollment rate; delivery of service; water supply scheme; safeguard action; number of adults; block grant system; disbursement linked indicators; Finance & Procurement; conditional cash transfer; decentralized service delivery; availability of water; Health Service Delivery; regulatory body; Regulatory Bodies; oversight function; internal auditor; citizen engagement; geographic equity; procurement performance; household income; qualified teacher; oversight body; health extension; city administration; regional budget; reform strategy; equitable access; highland areas; vaccine coverage; fixed asset; payroll application; enhancing transparency; Property management; post audit; procurement data; decentralized level; Fixed Assets; available data; low rate; household access; qualified consultant; outstanding balance; increasing share; Education Services; fiscal transparency; computer system; school feeding; nutrition training; payroll system; budget execution; curriculum value; program development; mass media; health facility; audit finding; budget constraint; regular training; government framework; accountability measure; outstanding advance; accountability system; risk category; result indicator; birth attendant; standing committee; review audit; record keeping; pastoralist region; federal government; budget literacy; agreed portion; annual budget; security concern; data capture; women participation; disbursement rate; social accountability; agriculture services; demographic dividend; land region; enhanced transparency; procurement law; federal law; Antenatal Care; nutrition outcome; government system; behavioral change; target social; allocation figure; allocation mechanism; operation risk; basic value; hygiene facility; procurement directive



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