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World Bank glossary (general) (Vol. 2) : English-Spanish and Spanish-English (Inglés,Español)

This edition of the World Bank has been revised and expanded by the Terminology Unit in the Languages Services Division of the World Bank in collaboration with the English, Spanish, and French Translation Sections. The Glossary is intended to assist the Bank's translators and interpreters, other Bank staff using French and Spanish in their work, and free-lance translator's and interpreters employed by the Bank. For this reason, the Glossary contains not only financial and economic terminology and terms relating to the Bank's procedures and practices, but also terms that frequently occur in Bank documents, and others for which the Bank has a preferred equivalent. Although many of these terms, relating to such fields as agriculture, education, energy, housing, law, technology, and transportation, could be found in other sources, they have been assembled here for ease of reference. A list of acronyms occurring frequently in Bank texts (the terms to which they refer being found in the Glossary) and a list of international, regional, and national organizations will be found at the end of the Glossary.


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    English-Spanish and Spanish-English

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    accelerated depreciation,accountability,accounting,accounting period,accounting practices,accounts,accruals,accumulated depreciation,aggregate demand,agriculture,AIC,arbitrage,asset stripping,bad debt,balance sheet,Bank Capital,bank exposure,Bank performance,base year,benchmark,bid,bidders,bidding,bidding documents,bolsa,bonds,book value,capital adequacy,capital base,capital flight,capital gain,Capital Markets,capital movement,commodities,current assets,debt,economic trends,equity capital,fixed assets,fixed capital,foreign assets,foreign capital,foreign exchange,free trade,gross fixed capital formation,housing,inflation,insurance,Intangible assets,International Monetary Fund,liquid assets,management accounting,maturities,monetary aggregates,MOV,parallel economy,profit [accounting,quick ratio,rate of exchange,securities,share capital,Structural Adjustment,takeover,tariff barriers,taxation,trade balance,uncalled capital,urban development,Valuation,working capital



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