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Report to the Board from the Committee on Development Effectiveness : World Bank Engagement in Situations of Conflict - An Evaluation of FY10-20 Experience (Inglés)

The Committee welcomed the evaluation and Management’s constructive response, noting that while the evaluation did not assess the effectiveness of the WBG Fragility, Conflict and Violence Strategy (FCV Strategy) the timely report provided valuable insights to inform the early implementation of the FCV Strategy and the IDA20 replenishment deliberations. Members appreciated Management’s broad agreement with the evaluation’s findings and recommendations and were pleased to learn that the WB was making a substantial progress in adapting the way it works in situations of conflict to achieve its corporate goals. They encouraged Management to rethink what success looks like in conflict-affected countries, as recommended by the evaluation, and looked forward to being briefed on work being done in this regard. The Committee welcomed Management’s acknowledgment of the importance of leveraging UN and humanitarian implementation partnerships to enable the WB to deliver critical services to conflict-affected populations where the Bank may not have presence on the ground and encouraged Management to work out a pragmatic approach with UN agencies and other partners to overcome their differences in procurement and financial management and security protocols, when problems arise at the country level, to improve results on the ground.




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