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Connecting the Dots in the Maputo Metropolitan Area : Diagnostic of Urban Mobility and Accessibility - Technical Note I (Inglés)

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique is the country’s main financial, business, and commercial center. Economic development is associated with a rapid and unprecedented growth in urbanization and motorization, and a greater need for the mobility of people and goods. Growth in incomes, a lack of high-quality public transport, and the relatively low-cost of private cars has led to an increase in car use and congestion. This has affected the performance of public transport, especially buses, negatively affects economic growth and damages the environment. Flooding affects many unpaved roads during the rainy season. Many of these roads are in the new areas on the periphery of the urban area. There is insufficient supply to meet the travel demand with many buses and minibuses overcrowded, long waiting times and illegal modes being used. Many bus vehicles are old and overcrowded with poor driver handling. In many places the road condition is inadequate, with poor junction control and a lack of pedestrian infrastructure. Governance arrangements are not aligned as the AMT, which is tasked with coordinating transport across Metropolitan Maputo, reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communication rather than the Municipalities. Furthermore, staffing levels and technical capacity is low. Lack of investment capacity has been linked to the financial crisis of recent years, which in turn reduces the ability to mobilize the required urban infrastructure projects.


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    Connecting the Dots in the Maputo Metropolitan Area : Diagnostic of Urban Mobility and Accessibility - Technical Note I



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