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Menuju Pengelolaan Air Perkotaan Terpadu Untuk Jabodetabek (Bahasa (Indonesio))

This study thus focuses on the institutional context, examining complementarity, contingencies, and synergies towards IUWM. The report bridges national- and subnational level perspectives on the complexities of IUWM by applying a framework (see IUWM National Framework report) and positions the roles of key national ministries, such as the Ministry for National Development Planning (Bappenas), the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MOPWH), and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), alongside the planning and development processes and perspectives of district and municipal governments across Greater Jakarta. The report’s recommendations are intended to provide immediate actionable interventions in the short term while building up the knowledge base and expertise for more strategic institutional planning and development approaches in the longer term. This will require sustained and iterative engagement. This report is structured as follows. Section 1.2 sketches out the major water risks in Greater Jakarta. Section 1.3 describes the complex governance structure that shapes the urban water system in the region. Section 2 explains the collaborative methodology used for this study. Section 3 presents analysis and visualizations of the quantitative data, while section 4 presents findings on current IUWM efforts under implementation in Greater Jakarta, as garnered from the iterative collection of complementary qualitative data. Finally, section 5 presents recommendations. The report should be used as an entry point for understanding the most pressing water risks in Greater Jakarta relative to broader development planning approaches. The study also functions as a foundation for a set of initial guidelines to establish institutional reforms and actionable steps for addressing cross-sectoral issues related to water security.




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