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Using Surveys to Improve Justice Sector Performance in the Middle East and North Africa : Existing Practices and Lessons from Other Regions (Inglés)

This report consists of a review of international practices and lessons on using surveys to explore justice sector performance issues and an overview of experience with justice surveys within the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Its purpose is to assist MENA countries in using surveys to assess and improve the quality and quantity of their justice services. Secondary audiences include governments and justice sector organizations in other regions, the World Bank and other donors, and anyone else interested in how surveys can identify and promote ways to create better services. The use of surveys is now a recommended practice for justice institutions as a means of assessing performance, identifying the results of recent legal and operational changes, and determining where improvements are still needed. Surveys complement the equally important and more common reliance on statistical analysis for these purposes, and should replace, but often have not, a dependence on sheer intuition or “what everyone knows.” Even where surveys are accepted, there is considerable misunderstanding as to what a good survey requires, both in technical terms and as regards the involvement of the principal client – the agency or institution about which responses are collected.




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