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Uganda - Irrigation for Climate Resilience Project : Environmental Assessment - Additional Surveys and Assessments for Kabuyanda Irrigation Scheme on Biodiversity and Ecological Flow Management Plan (Inglés)

The development objective of the Irrigation for Climate Resilience Project for Uganda is to provide farmers in the project areas with access to irrigation and other agricultural services, and to establish management arrangements for irrigation service delivery. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) conduct adequate information disclosure about resettlement action plan (RAP) process and benefits of relocations certain points especially near dam site and buffer zones of rivers for high incidence of grievances arising due to delayed and faulted compensation; (2) implement livelihood restoration actions as presented in RAP report for mismanagement of compensation packages at household level; (3) lower local governments (LLGs) fisheries managers should be facilitated to continue monitoring and capturing the required information on fishing activities; (4) in order to minimize impact on the habitat, all the project workers, including those in supervisory positions to the ground men, should be sensitized to increase their awareness about the need to minimize environmental damage. This will have to be done before the operations begin in earnest; (5) diversion of river and stream channels for construction should be made after careful survey of the sites for loss or injury of fauna; and (6) develop Mishumba catchment-wide species survival plans for Singida tilapia and the Ningu.




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