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Topic Brief 1 - Digital Transformation : From Paper Registries to Case Management (Inglés)

The World Bank organizes a series of four virtual workshops under the World Bank’s Justice Network for the Arab World to support the digital transformation of judicial institutions in the MENA region, to be held in 2022. The workshops are planned to cover the different technologies and development stages, from the development of case management systems substituting paper based registries to the implementation of comprehensive e-justice platforms enabling the digitization of the entire business process. Other topics discussed in the workshop series will be the use of case management data for managing judiciaries, courts and court procedures and the implementation of legal information systems making the court decisions available on the Internet. This paper provides the topic brief for the first workshop dealing with the development of case management systems. It discusses aspects of development and implementation as well as the values to be realized. In the case of courts and judiciaries, these are access to justice, expedition and timeliness, equality, fairness, and integrity, independence and accountability, and public trust and confidence. This topic brief discusses an early stage in digital transformation, that of moving from a paper registry to a case management system.




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