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Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Discussion Paper


March 2015  - present


This series is published by the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management (MFM) Global Practice of the World Bank. The papers in this series aim to provide a vehicle for publishing preliminary results on MFM topics to encourage discussion and debate.

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Push and pull : emerging risks in frontier economy access to international capital markets (Inglés)

Documento de trabajo 112988 FEB 01, 2017

Haque,Tobias Akhtar; Bogoev,Jane; Smith,Greg Inglés

The ghost of a rating downgrade : what happens to borrowing costs when a government loses its investment grade credit rating? (Inglés)

Documento de trabajo 106667 JUN 28, 2016

Hanusch,Marek; Hassan,Shakill; Algu,Yashvir; Soobyah,Luchelle; Kranz,Alexander

World Bank's experience with structural reforms for growth and development (Inglés)

Documento de trabajo (Serie Numerada) 105822 MAY 01, 2016