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Applied Research and Technology (WUDAT) technical note

1986 - 1987

This series of reports was prepared by the Resource Recovery Project as part of a global effort to realize the goal of the United Nations International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade, which is to extend domestic and community water supply and sanitation services throughout the developing world during 1981 to 1990. The project objective was to improve urban waste management and encourage resource recovery as a means of offsetting some of the costs of community sanitation.


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Aquaculture with treated wastewater : a status report on studies conducted in Lima, Peru (Inglés)

Publicación TEC3 JAN 01, 1987

Johnson Cointreau, Sandra

Handpump laboratory test results (Inglés)

Publicación TEC2 JAN 01, 1986

Consumers' Association Testing and Research Laboratories (CATR)

Draft sample bidding documents for the procurement of handpumps (Inglés)

Publicación TEC1 JAN 01, 1986