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Forest, trees, and woodlands in Africa : an action plan for World Bank engagement (Inglés)

The purpose of this paper is to outline an approach for Bank engagement in forests, trees, and woodlands on farms in Sub-Saharan Africa for the coming five years. ... Vea más +

Otro estudio sobre medio ambiente 73026 JUN 14, 2012

Bromhead, Marjory-Anne

Enhancing competitiveness and resilience in Africa : an action plan for improved natural resource and environment management (Inglés)

The objective of this action plan is to demonstrate the role that sound environmental and natural resource management will play in implementing the goals of the World Bank's strategy for Africa, and more specifically in addressing the two pillars of enhanced jobs and competitiveness, and increased resilience and risk management, built upon the underlying foundation of improved capacity and governance. ... Vea más +

Documento de trabajo 73024 JAN 01, 2012

Bromhead, Marjory-Anne