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Phase 2 Report : Improving the Allocative Efficiency of the HIV Response Across the Care Cascade in Zimbabwe - Findings from a Modelling Analysis (Inglés)

Documento de trabajo 142761 MAY 01, 2019

Sisimayi,Chenjerai N.; Benedikt,Clemens Johannes; Cheikh,Nejma; Fraser-Hurt,Nicole; Amoore,Zara

Estimating the Efficiency Gains Made through the Integration of HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health Services in Zimbabwe : Intervention Implementation Report (Inglés)

Informe 132796 DEC 07, 2018

Mudondo,Caroline Yemurayi; Ndhlalambi,Melusi; Sisimayi,Chenjerai N.; Prestidge,Marelize

Phase 1 Report : National and Provincial HIV Acquisition and Transmission Estimates and Patters in Zimbabwe – A Mathematical Modelling Analysis (Inglés)

Informe 145598 JUL 01, 2018

Benedikt,Clemens Johannes; Sisimayi,Chenjerai N.; Fraser-Hurt,Nicole

Analyzing fiscal space options for health in Zimbabwe : final report (Inglés)

Documento de trabajo 114005 FEB 01, 2017

Lannes,Laurence Elisabeth Marie-Paule; Mutasa,Ronald Upenyu; Sisimayi,Chenjerai N.; Shamu,Shepherd; Jones,Leah Caroline