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East Asia and Pacific - Wastewater to energy processes : a technical note for utility managers in EAP countries (Inglés)

The study is divided into three main sections. Section one presents the results of a comprehensive desk review describing the problem of utilities dealing with high operation costs in wastewater treatment plants, the link between energy consumption and the type of technology used for treatment, and the potential for energy generation. ... Vea más +

Informe ACS13221 APR 23, 2015

Ignacio,Demilour Reyes

East Asia and the Pacific region urban sanitation review : Philippines country study (Inglés)

This study is one of three country studies conducted in the emerging countries of Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia as part of the East Asia and the Pacific region urban sanitation review. ... Vea más +

Documento de trabajo 84290 DEC 01, 2013

Kearton, Ross; Ner, Salvador; Ancheta, Christopher; Alvarez, Victor Vazquez; Ignacio, Demilour Reyes; Weitz, Almud; Galing, Ed Karl; de la Torre, Shiela; Trillana, Mari Anne

Climate change impacts on water resources management : adaptation challenges and opportunities in Northeast Brazil (Inglés)

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region has a unique mix of qualities and challenges when it comes to the environment. It is exceptionally endowed with natural assets, with globally significant biodiversity and valuable crops, and also harbors the worlds greatest carbon sink in the Amazon. ... Vea más +

Documento de trabajo 79528 JUL 01, 2013

De Nys, Erwin; Alvarez, Victor Vazquez; Engle, Nathan Lee; Frazao, Cybelle

Chile - Diagnóstico de la gestión de los recursos hídricos (Español)

The goal of the diagnosis of the water management system of Chile is an evaluation of those priority issues and major challenges to sustain the debate between water stakeholders, and possibly lead to a deeper sharing with a wider range of stakeholders and more detailed studies in the second phase planned for 2011. ... Vea más +

Otro estudio sobre infraestructura 63392 MAR 31, 2011

Lajaunie, Marie-Laure; Scheierling, Susanne; Zuleta, Javier; Chinarro, Lara; Vazquez, Victor